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H. Dickens

Harry Dickens (pseudonym) has more than 30 years' experience in mineral and petroleum exploration. He has worked in industry, government and university institutions, and currently works for a Geological Survey. He has delivered presentations and done fieldwork in Australia, North America, Asia and the UK. He has university qualifications in geology and geophysics. With a biblical worldview in mind, he has written on rapid petroleum formation, the effects of Noah's Flood (fountains, chemistry, erosion, and deposition) and on Precambrian geology (including banded iron formations). He has published in the Journal of Creation and the Answers Research Journal. He has contributed to secular publications such as petroleum conference proceedings and publications, as well as the Israel Geological Society Annual Meeting. In 2016 he formed a Bible Geoscience Group based in an Australian city, which provides ongoing opportunities for Christian geoscientists to discuss aspects of Young Earth geoscience.