Title: Interstitial telomeres and chromosome 2 fusion

Author: J.P. Tomkins

Category: Life Sciences

Conference Year: 2018

Abstract: Evolutionists allege that human chromosome 2 is the product of an ancient fusion event in an ancient hominid ancestor descended from apes. However, both the alleged site of fusion and the so-called cryptic centromere of human chromosome 2 are situated inside active genes negating the idea of fusion. Not only are the alleged genomic fossils of fusion representative of functional intragenic sequence, but they are also both highly degenerate versions of their supposed evolutionary beginnings, suggesting something other than an evolutionary origin. Given that these data strongly refute an evolutionary fusion scenario, it behooves creationists to propose an alternative model for the functional nature of telomere-like sequences scattered around the internal regions of human chromosomes. Towards this end, new data based on ENOCODE project data sets is provided that further elucidates the regulatory role of interstitial telomeric repeat sequences genome-wide, particularly with respect to their transcription factor binding domain properties and transcription start site associations.