Title: A Diluvial Interpretation of the Cypress Hills Formation, Flaxville Gravel, and Related Deposits

Author: Oard, M. & KLevberg, P.

Category: Earth Sciences

Conference Year: 1998


Much of the Northern Plains Physiographic Province is characterized by extensive, planar erosion surfaces. Many of
these surfaces are capped by gravel showing evidence of fluvial transport. This paper provides a description of the
Cypress Hills Formation, Flaxville gravel, and related deposits. These deposits are very difficult to explain within
uniformitarian geomorphological theory. A diluvial interpretation provides a superior explanation for the origin of these
deposits. Implications of this interpretation are summarized, including problems with traditional age dating, likely formative
processes for similar features found throughout the world, and the probable location of the Flood/post-Flood boundary in
the geologic record.