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ICC 2018 Conference Header

The 2018 ICC was a Great Success!

Approximately 300 individuals enjoyed the 2018 ICC conference. This conference featured the presentations of 46 high quality peer-reviewed scientific papers and three interesting and lively workshop panels discussing future work in the areas of creation biology, geoscience and cosmology.

This conference also featured four evening presentations which were free and open to the public along with the participation of 22 vendors.

All the papers making up the proceedings of the 2018 conference are open access and available on this website as PDF files.

Post-Conference Updates:

The ICC is still working on making available the presentations in either PDF or as Power Point files. We are waiting for author approval to post these materials.

The audio recording for the conference sessions including the four evening presentations are now available on this website.

Check back often for updates as additional material becomes available.

Click here or here for a listing of the 2018 conference papers.